About Us

Willogy is a team of AI & Robotics researchers and software engineers

We work with start-ups, entrepreneurs, and business to level up their software products using Artificial Intelligence. We help business owners to build innovative, market-fit products, MVP and optimize current solutions

We are a team of deep-tech, advanced-skill experts including researchers & engineers solving mission-critical problems by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Robotics.

Rooted in academia with R&D advantages to pioneer in inventing and developing algorithms, machine learning models, scientific-to-business-proven-technology-based solutions, and production products in the cognitive humanoid field, we are a bridge between academia and industry in AI & Robotics.

Our team has immersed in Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Signal Processing, and Big Data Analysis using Cutting-edge technologies (i.e Deep Learning) since the dawn of Deep Learning in 2012.