Careers at Willogy

Business Development Intern

Willogy is looking for talented and passionate business-minded people to contribute to our growth

Please read through the job description carefully and thoroughly. This is also our quick orientation for you. It's great to make sure you are interested in the work before taking this opportunity. We are writing this purposely to the people we expect to be our future members. Thank you so much!

About Us

We are a team of deep-tech, advanced-skill experts including researchers & engineers solving mission-critical problems by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Robotics.

Rooted in academia with R&D advantages to pioneer in inventing and developing algorithms, machine learning models, scientific-to-business-proven-technology-based solutions, and production products in the cognitive humanoid field, we are a bridge between academia and industry in AI & Robotics.

Our team has immersed in Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Signal Processing, and Big Data Analysis using Cutting-edge technologies (i.e Deep Learning) since the dawn of Deep Learning in 2012.


Willogy is an ambitious AI & Robotics start-up. Willogy is even younger than the Covid-19.

As a team of open-minded millennials, we are allergic to burdensome, process-heavy and political issues as we experience commonly in big corps.

Having experienced as Head of Engineering and Head of AI in Silicon Valley and Singapore-based tech start-ups with more than 10 milions dollars fund raised, we see ourselves only feel most comfortable with the dynamic, die-hard, automonous, creative working environment which is ultimately-optimized for productivity, innovation, efficiency, and effectiveness (a.k.a "piee")

  1. We value people over process
  2. We value commitment and responsibility over Swiss-made clock for time-tracking policy and baby-sitting which are all ridiculous to us
  3. We do not expect to see you physically do the work but rather your work delivery as committed
  4. We do not jail ourselves with 4 whitey-walls surrounded but rather work from anywhere such as Starbucks, Phuc Long, parks, Da Lat, Singapore Marina Bay as long as we find it most "piee"

Work & Responsibilities

  1. Learning is commonly not a responsibility but willingness somewhere else. However, here, we think its your responsibility to learn as much as possible, as quick as possible and as efficient as possible to grow up yourself to make up with the work challenges. You will learn almost everything
  2. Conduct research to identify new markets and customer needs
  3. Build long-term relationships with new and existing customers
  4. Develop a territory plan and a pipeline of new clients and client engagements
  5. Think, try different strategies, plans, campaigns and dare to fail (but responsible for the failure and learn from it) to figure out the good way to satisfy cusomter needs
  6. Maintain and expand the company’s database of prospects
  7. Successfully convert new target accounts, creating the foundation for long-term, value-based relationships. Success is nurturing and sale of win-win value propositions and nurturing executive relationships for continuing business
  8. Start-up is hard and messy. We do not settle ourselves in one fixed responsibility but wear multiple hats instead. You might be ranging from business to operations, branding & marketing and others

Attitude & Abilities

  1. Knowledge can be learnt. We expect you have good and professional attitude and ability to learn. Moreover, it is required you to have the ability to think critically, strategically and practically
  2. It is important for you to have experimental, experiencing and hands-on mindset to solve problems and deliver the good work without handholding (or little)
  3. Good communication in English and your nativeness. We mean both in verbal and written. You will be writing a lot like us writing this job description to you
  4. Computer skill is a must including but not limited to Office, spreadsheets, presentation, social media, data visualization, etc. We have handsome and gallant AI & software engineers to support you but you need to manage it yourself first
  5. Teamwork is critical to us. We expect you to have a metality of respecting your teammate, avoid being a roadblock and deliver your commitment
  6. Maintain and expand the company’s database of prospects
  7. Basic understanding of how businesses, sales and marketing work
  8. Ability to calm-down and focus even you are in the multi-task and hacky mode
  9. And the last, also the most important one "the abliity to develop your abilities" - "the attitude to better your attitude"

Gain & Benefits

  1. We are a start-up. What we are confident the most to offer you is nothing more than a dynamic and chaotics environment to learn and grow. For the other things, we are not confident to be comparable to big corps.
  2. A good enough financial support
  3. High and attractive commission
  4. Excellent Performance bonus
  5. Your own room to explore, propose and decide your ambition and achievement
  6. Opportunity to work closely with the leadership team to learn from their experience and mindset
  7. Anything else you think it is good for you and your future, talk directly to the CEO

How to Apply

Please prepare your profile carefully. We accept everything from your academic transcript to achievements, showcases, social activities, cover letter, etc to prove one statement "you are a good fit for this opportunity"

Please then send your application to with the subject "Business Development Intern Application" and the body is up to you.

If you have any questions, curious about our unconventional team or even just want to say hi, feel free to drop us an email to with anything you feel comfortable.